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You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.
Ansel Adams
Qualified wedding photographer

It's all about the story

I am a passionate image maker and have been taking photographs since I was a child, winning my first competition at the age of 12 with an image of my 4 year old sister jumping in the air. As a toddler I spent many hours watching and helping press photographers in the darkroom at the newspaper my mum was a journalist for, and the mystery of watching an image appear as if by magic has stayed with me. As a grown up photographer my passion for image making has grown and I have been fortunate enough to have much of my work published in a variety of media including wedding blogs, wedding magazines, websites, and professional literature.

When I am at a wedding I am often asked about cameras and people are often surprised to hear that as much as I love the technology I use, the most important thing to me is light and the interaction between light, emotion and physical form. The camera is a tool of my trade and it helps me make images, but it certainly doesn't do it for me! That said, everything I use is of professional quality, up to date, has more than one of everything important, and gets lovingly looked after.

I am constantly striving to improve my art and regularly engage in professional development activities such as mentoring and critique sessions with the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers, attending trade shows and much more.

Photography may be my passion, but my family is my life. I have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful wife who acts as an artistic critic of my work. I have a Master's Degree in Psychology, a teaching qualification, and in my spare time I love to rock climb and scuba dive.

I am based in Sheffield but will travel as far as the job takes me - nationwide and international destination weddings included.

I would love to photograph your wedding, so
contact me to find out more.

I am pleased to be recommended by the following fabulous venues

Kenwood Hall Hotel

Ringwood Hall Hotel

These are among the best wedding venues in Sheffield and Derbyshire

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