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You don't make a photograph just with a camera. You bring to the act of photography all the pictures you have seen, the books you have read, the music you have heard, the people you have loved.
Ansel Adams

About me

I have been taking photographs since I was a child, winning my first competition at the age of 12 with an image of my 4 year old sister jumping in the air. As a grown up photographer my passion for image making has grown and I have been fortunate enough to have much of my work published in a variety of media including wedding blogs, wedding magazines, websites, books, travel brochures, advertisements, and professional literature. I have developed a style that encompasses aspects of both classic and contemporary photography, focussing mostly on story telling mixed with fine art portraiture.

Sheffield wedding photographer

My approach

It's all about the story

I love people and I love weddings, and I want to photograph the biggest celebration of your life as a couple. My goal is to make you fall in love again every time you see your wedding images. I will be the fly on your wall waiting for intimate, magical moments. I will hide behind pillars, stand on chairs, lean over balconies, peek through half closed doors, mingle with your guests and let my creativity flow to capture images of you and your guests enjoying your wedding without feeling as though a camera is following every move. My natural portraiture will focus on the intimacy between you, capture the love that has brought you to your wedding day, and make you feel truly special for the rest of your lives.

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I am a Licentiate of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. What that means is I have undergone mentoring and had a portfolio of images aproved by five of the UK's top wedding photographers. As well as this I am constantly striving to develop my art and am moving towards an Associate qualification.

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Personal life

Photography may be my passion, but I have a personal life too. I have a beautiful daughter, a wonderful wife who acts as an artistic critic of my work, a Master's Degree in Psychology, and I rock climb and scuba dive. Before becoming a full time photographer, I have had careers as a paramedic and a school teacher. My varied backgrounds are very much an influence for my photography.

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