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How to get a massive discount off your wedding photography - my wedding photography wish list


Every year I think wouldn’t it be great to photograph a wedding at such and such or doing such and such a thing. Well, this year I have decided to make my wish list a reality and offer massive discounts to anyone that can make them happen. This is my wish list, so if your wedding fits any of these then you could receive a massive discount on your wedding photography package. Valid for remaining dates in 2016 and 2017, and bookings being taken for 2018.

1. An amazing castle wedding. Windsor Castle would be nice but improbable, so any lovely castle would do.
2. Florence or Pisa. This is my ancestral home and so a destination wedding here would be amazing for me.
3. Downton Abbey style stately home wedding with vintage dresses and suits. Chatsworth or any other stunning stately home would do too….
4. Robin Hood themed wedding. Living in the Sherwood Forest area, this shouldn’t be too hard, so get your bows and arrows out.
5. David Bowie themed wedding to celebrate the life of a great artist sadly lost this year.
6. Fireworks. Not just one or two sparklers, but a huge banging display.
7. Rock climbing wedding. Not sure how this would work, but I am a keen rock climber so I’m happy to abseil and hang off fixed lines for something special. Dramatic photos on the rock after maybe…..
8. Lemmy themed wedding to celebrate the loss of another great artist. Perhaps all the groomsmen sporting Lemmy ‘taches and Ace of Spades playing in the background.
9. A winter wonderland wedding. Due to the unpredictable British weather, this would need to be a destination wedding somewhere snowy.
10. Sunset beach wedding. Another destination wedding wish for me - a Greek Island, The Seychelles, somewhere beautiful….
11. Harry Potter themed wedding to celebrate the work of Snape aka Alan Rickman who also was lost this year.
12. New York. Nothing to add, it says it all.
13. Paris featuring the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre and the Pompidou Centre among other beautiful landmarks.
14. A vintage themed railway wedding - 1930s style. Art deco architecture and vintage dresses galore.
15. A UK beach wedding somewhere with amazing sandy beaches - I’ll even bring the umbrellas ha ha.
16. Amazing contemporary architecture and magnificent interiors. Let me know where you’re thinking and I’ll decide if it’s amazing enough!

Discounts are offered at my discretion and are subject to contract. Get in touch for a chat and if your wedding fits one of the above there could be a huge saving for you.

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