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Anna and Rob - the art of the pre-wedding shoot

Yorkshire and Derbyshire wedding photography art of the pre-wedding shoot

The other evening Anna and Rob joined me for their pre-wedding shoot out in the glorious Derbyshire Peak District. I want to share not only some of their beautiful images, but also a few words about why I love pre-wedding shoots and what my clients get from them…

So your wedding is fast approaching, everything is booked, your family and friends are looking forward to the big day, and nobody is more excited about it than you. Then your photographer, who you probably last saw over a year ago, reminds you about your pre-wedding shoot. Nerves kick in, you think about saying no thanks we'll just have photography on the day, but you go for it and meet up in a car park somewhere you've never been before. Before you know it you are chatting away and sharing your photographer's experiences of hundreds of weddings, and find yourself so immersed that the simple instructions about where to stand and what to do are hardly noticed. Before you know it he says the hour is up, you say goodbye, wait a couple of weeks to see the results - and you love them!

For me, the photographer, a pre-wedding shoot is the time I get to know my couple well. I get to see how they gel together, the glances they give each other, what makes them nervous, what makes them laugh, they way they kiss, their natural smiles, how their heights work together and many other things. I get to watch a nervous couple relax and feel comfortable in front of the camera. They discover that, with me and my style, posing isn't really posing at all but a brief guide on where to begin an interaction - the interaction is between the couple and therefore up to them how it unfolds, and it is that personal time from the moment I loosely position them to the end of the session that I love to capture - it is the essence of their personalities. I do not tell people how to be, I merely link them and their environment to make a pleasing and artistic image.

Anna and Rob experienced all of this on a freezing cold and very windy April evening. They stuck with it, had fun, and loved the beautiful sunset that nature gave us.

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I enjoyed making them.

Yorkshire and Derbyshire wedding photographer Peak District sunset 051800001Yorkshire and Derbyshire wedding photographer Peak District sunset 051800002Yorkshire and Derbyshire wedding photographer Peak District sunset 051800003Yorkshire and Derbyshire wedding photographer Peak District sunset 051800004Yorkshire and Derbyshire wedding photographer Peak District sunset 051800005Yorkshire and Derbyshire wedding photographer Peak District sunset 051800006

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